We at ISA cater to the development and growth of the whole learner as studies have shown that students who carry out activities at school perform better academically.

We believe that the student does not learn solely from his or her academic work and time in the classroom, but that activities and clubs provide a vital learning experience as well. We, therefore, cater to the students’ life through a variety of special days, clubs, projects, activities, educational trips, the Independence Day Marathon, visits to community centres, the Field Day, assemblies, and many more. 

Please browse through this page to learn more about the exciting events and activities taking place in ISA. Also, our calendar will always be updated with upcoming events for your convenience and information.


Student Council 

At ISA we believe that students should be actively involved in their school. This is why we have a student body that is elected by the students and voted for annually at the beginning of each academic year. 

The motto for the ISA Student Council is: Students: Learning, Leading, Serving.

The newly elected student body becomes the voice of the other students in the school and represents them on various school issues. The council meets with a supervisor and suggests activities and changes the students would like to make at school. They are also responsible for organizing events in the school and work on several projects throughout the year. globerx24.com/clomid  

Activities so far organized by the Student Council are: 

  • Raising funds for having the Dr. Younis Rose Garden to honor the memory of the founder of ISA
  • Spring Dance Evening
  • Bake Sales
  • Ushering during school official events
  • Break time activities

ISA Upcoming Events

No events
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