The ISA Secondary School encompasses Grades 10 to 12. These grades are among the most critical in the students’ lives as they become young adults and face major decisions such as what major they want to pursue in university and which university they want to attend. ISA supports and guides the students through those challenges and choices, making sure that they are informed enough to make the best possible choice for themselves.  As part of our efforts, we aim at having our students qualify in applying to the best universities. Thus, we focus on preparing them for the TOEFL and SAT examinations; work with them in getting their applications ready and in orienting them to scholarships that might be available. 

Academically, we offer the Lebanese Curriculum leading up to the Lebanese Baccalaureate examinations.  

In addition to the Lebanese Curriculum, students who are exempted from the Baccalaureate Exams can follow the International Program. This program focuses on providing students with a broad education that will allow them to enter any private university in Lebanon or abroad.

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