The Elementary School level comprises of Grades 1 to Grade 6. We focus on the whole child approach while preparing our students for the more rigorous academic work awaiting them in the following years. We slowly begin to give students more responsibilities and tasks to handle independently. We still keep learning fun however by teaching through activities and hands on projects that engage the learners.

The language of instruction is English for all core subjects. Students also take Arabic Language while History, Geography and Civics are taught in Arabic. In addition to the subjects mentioned above, our school provides French as a Third Language and students also enjoy Art and PE lessons.  Students who join us and have little background in Arabic are given “Special Arabic” classes that cater to each child’s level in Arabic. This is established by giving our students an assessment at the beginning of the academic year to help the school place them in the right grade level. 

At Elementary School, we aim at having a hands-on approach the teaching. One exciting project to demonstrate this  is the upcoming School Farm, which will help the students develop a sense of responsibility by having them take care of the animals and plants on the farm (at the same time they will deepen their science knowledge by learning more about those animals and plants on the farm).

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