We at ISA Early Years believe that  each child is infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent in his own right and we have designed our programme to equally nurture and support the development of the whole child: cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically.

We believe that the child constructs his own knowledge through his interactions with the environment and with others.  We have therefore designed our environment in such a manner as to allow for maximum discovery and independent learning to take place.

We see that the teacher within this framework has the integral role of guiding and challenging the students academically while being their model for appropriate behavior and social responses. 

Finally, we believe in the importance of the parents, teachers, and environment working together as a team for the benefit of the child. Please come visit our school campus and see our philosophy in action.

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The Elementary School level comprises of Grades 1 to Grade 6. We focus on the whole child approach while preparing our students for the more rigorous academic work awaiting them in the following years. We slowly begin to give students more responsibilities and tasks to handle independently. We still keep learning fun however by teaching through activities and hands on projects that engage the learners.

The language of instruction is English for all core subjects. Students also take Arabic Language while History, Geography and Civics are taught in Arabic. In addition to the subjects mentioned above, our school provides French as a Third Language and students also enjoy Art and PE lessons.  Students who join us and have little background in Arabic are given “Special Arabic” classes that cater to each child’s level in Arabic. This is established by giving our students an assessment at the beginning of the academic year to help the school place them in the right grade level. 

At Elementary School, we aim at having a hands-on approach the teaching. One exciting project to demonstrate this  is the upcoming School Farm, which will help the students develop a sense of responsibility by having them take care of the animals and plants on the farm (at the same time they will deepen their science knowledge by learning more about those animals and plants on the farm).

Our Middle School includes Grade 7 to Grade 9. At this stage, students are dealing with challenges that come along with the critical developmental stage in their lives. At ISA we understand that young learners at this age need a lot of activities to help them burn off their energy and to help them grasp the academic material presented to them. That is why we focus on engaging them in real life learning in their classes through projects and other activities.

We also understand that at this stage children are becoming more socially aware and are eager to effect change in their community and in the world around them. That is why we have capitalized on this and made community service hours a requirement for promotion, giving the students a choice of which cause they want to volunteer their time to.

 At the Middle School, we emphasize the Lebanese National Curriculum as ultimately our students will sit for the Brevet Exams (at the end of Grade 9) and eventually in two years time, the Baccalaureate Exams (at the end of Grade 12). In addition to the regular subjects taught, we provide the students with an elective that will enhance life skills. Students in Grade 10 are taught Research Skills as preparation for university years.

The ISA Secondary School encompasses Grades 10 to 12. These grades are among the most critical in the students’ lives as they become young adults and face major decisions such as what major they want to pursue in university and which university they want to attend. ISA supports and guides the students through those challenges and choices, making sure that they are informed enough to make the best possible choice for themselves.  As part of our efforts, we aim at having our students qualify in applying to the best universities. Thus, we focus on preparing them for the TOEFL and SAT examinations; work with them in getting their applications ready and in orienting them to scholarships that might be available. 

Academically, we offer the Lebanese Curriculum leading up to the Lebanese Baccalaureate examinations.  

In addition to the Lebanese Curriculum, students who are exempted from the Baccalaureate Exams can follow the International Program. This program focuses on providing students with a broad education that will allow them to enter any private university in Lebanon or abroad.

At ISA, we believe in the importance of reading and in the pleasure that students gain from this act. This is why, we make sure that the most engaging and exciting books are always available to our students. 

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