The greatest treasure of Akkar, a segment of Lebanon known for its enchanting qualities, is a wealth of resources simply waiting to be discovered – the potential genius of its children. We envisioned that a world-class center of educational and cultural excellence would call this region home, and would serve many future generations by discovering and nurturing this great resource to help bring forth generations of educated citizens equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing world. We are determined to instill in our children the principles of true democracy, freedom, tolerance, acceptance, universal love and respect for the rights of others. Just as these oaks grow and firmly extend their roots deep into these rocks, let us help our children grow and develop a firm, deep-rooted foundation in the sciences, the arts, the humanities and technology.

With these noble objectives in mind, the establishment of this international center will undoubtedly mark a momentous milestone in the history of Akkar.

Dr. Daniel Younis Founding President

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